Stabilization of Enzymes at High Hydrostatic Pressure

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Jose Reyes, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (

Area of Expertise

Food science, food engineering, chemical engineering, enzymes, biosensors 

Student Background

Food science, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology

Faculty Website

Dr. Reyes is looking for REEU students with background and interest in biological/chemical engineering, food science, or chemistry to work on a summer project that will focus on characterizing the stability of enzymes relevant to food and agriculture. Dr. Reyes’ laboratory is equipped with reactors that can reach up to 100,000 psi. REEU students will collaborate in on-going projects led by Dr. Reyes’ graduate students. Participants will also participate in weekly research meetings with graduate students and will be exposed to other areas of research in Dr. Reyes’ laboratory including electrochemical biosensors, cacao fermentation, development of novel naturally flavored chocolate beverages, biofilm formation, dynamics etc.  Students will have the opportunity to visit many of UGA research facilities and to network with other researchers on campus for professional development.

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Jose Reyes, Ph.D.
University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences