Rapid Detection Technologies and Biosensors for Food Pathogen Detection

Faculty Mentor

Prof. Ramaraja Ramasamy, College of Engineering (rama@uga.edu)

Area of Expertise

Chemical engineering, nanotechnology, material science, microbiology

Student Background

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Science, Microbiology, Engineering Fabrication

Laboratory Website


Dr. Ramasamy is looking for REEU students with background and interest in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, food science, or biological/chemical engineering to work on a summer project that will focus on developing new electrochemical biosensor for the detection of microbial food pathogens such as Listeria. REEU students will work with graduate students in Dr. Ramasamy’s Nano Electrochemistry Laboratory in experimental research. Students will receive interdisciplinary exposure to nano and biotechnology related research areas and will have the opportunity to for professional development on the UGA campus.

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Ramaraja Ramasamy, Ph.D.
University of Georgia College of Engineering