Marcus DiBattista

Engineering Student Ambassador

Mechanical Engineering

Driftmier Engineering Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Tyrone, GA

Class: 4th Year

Fun Fact: I can play multiple string instruments (Viola, Guitar, Violin, Piano (some say piano is string some say percussion but honestly does it really matter))

Why did you choose UGA? I liked that UGA was a very large school with a diverse population in terms of viewpoints and demographics. That made me feel like I could search around and really find what peaked my interests. I also saw that the engineering program was rapidly growing and felt like I could be part of creating something new since there was so much growth potential.

Favorite memory as a Bulldog Engineer?  My favorite memories are from hanging out with my friends in the Formula SAE team. Every week we would hang out and get dinner after the meeting and do our homework for Thermo 2 together and it was always really fun.