Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching

Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching

Ryan Devine

For the second consecutive year, Ryan Devine is the recipient of the University of Georgia College of Engineering's Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching. The award honors graduate students who have demonstrated superior teaching skills and commitment to high-quality instruction related to the engineering program.

"Since joining the College of Engineering, it has been my goal to become a research faculty member that is suited to teach at a Research 1 university," said Ryan, who earned both his bachelor's degree and his master's degree in engineering at UGA. "To accomplish this goal, I have made an effort to gain meaningful teaching experience, to develop a pedagogy by engaging with the Engineering Education Transformational Institute and Center for Teaching & Learning, and by conducting high-impact research into the biomaterials field."

Ryan is working toward the UGA Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching. As part of the requirements for certification, he has amassed five semesters of teaching experience and is collaborating with the Engineering Education Transformations Institute to conduct a research project aimed at improving the UGA engineering curriculum. The project has been accepted as a work-in-progress paper at the American Society of Engineering Education Conference and the International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation.

In addition to his teaching duties, Ryan works with Hitesh Handa, an associate professor in the College of Engineering, to develop new-age biomaterials with the potential to transform healthcare. In two and a half years of graduate study, he has published two research papers in high-impact journals, with another four papers currently undergoing the review process. He has also submitted two patents for materials he has developed.

"Ryan’s ability to dedicate himself to both research and teaching sets him apart from all other graduate students, and he has amazed me in his ability to not let his teaching and research obligations get in the way of each other," said Handa. "He has as unique ability to translate new, complex research topics into routine learning."