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Riverbend Research Highlight Series

Riverbend Research Highlight Series

The Riverbend Research Highlight Series (RRHS) provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate researchers in the University of Georgia's Riverbend Research Laboraties to share exciting research highlights with their colleagues. These accessible, high-level presentations encourage cross-disciplinary communication and promote awareness of the UGA College of Engineering's  diverse programs.

The inaugural Riverbend Research Highlight Series featured research seminars spanning a broad range of areas, including materials for biomembrane development, tissue engineering, biosynthesis of pharmaceutical precursors, shock wave-induced cellular damage, surface modification of carbohydrates, aerosol science, and combustion science.

The speakers for the  2017 RRHS were (front) Michelle Mansour, Jacob Davis, Zezhen(Jay) Cheng, Jackie Wang, and (back) Jenna Alsaleh, Li Chen, and Matthew Becton.

2017 RRHS Speakers and Topics

Michelle Mansour (Professor Eric Freeman)

"Droplet Interface Bilayer: The Rising Potential of a New Class of Magnetically Responsive Smart Materials"

Jenna Alsaleh (Professor Cheryl Gomillion) 

"Studying Breast Cancer Metastasis using Tissue Engineering"

Jackie Wang (Professor Yajun Yan)

"Engineering a Bacterial Platform for Total Biosynthesis of CaffeicAcid Derived PhenethylEsters and Amides"

Matthew Becton (Professor Xianqiao Wang)

"Simulating Shockwave Damage Amplification to Cells"

Li Chen (Professor Jason Locklin) 

"A Versatile Methodology for Glycosurfaces: Direct Ligation of NonderivatizedReducing Saccharides to Poly(pentafluorophenylacrylate) Grafted Surfaces via Hydrazide Conjugation"

Jay Cheng (Professor Rawad Saleh)

"Climate and Health Effects of Combustion Particulate Matter"

Jacob Davis (Professor Brandon Rotavera) 

"Fundamentals of Combustion Science"