Faculty and Areas of Expertise

Faculty and Areas of Expertise

College of Engineering

Brian Bledsoe (Director)
Hydrology, flood mitigation, water infrastructure, water quality

Mi Geum Chorzepa
Structures and hazards

Jason Christian
Hydrologic modeling and hazard analysis, water resources

Stephan Durham
Structures and materials, transportation

Jenna Jambeck
Recycling, marine debris, waste management, microbial fuel cells, life cycle assessment

Sonny Kim
Geotechnical and pavement systems

Luke Li
Infrastructure, water and energy systems, agent-based and complexity modeling

John Schramski
Energy systems, ecological modeling, ecosystem energetics, complex network theory and analysis

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Elizabeth Kramer
Sustainability of food and water systems, geospatial analysis

Craig Landry
Natural resource economics, coastal resources management

Carl Vinson Institute of Government

Shana Jones
Disaster law, coastal law, flood insurance and mitigation policy, leadership development for state and local elected officials

Scott Pippin
Land use law and policy, flood insurance and mitigation policy

Matt Hauer
Demography, population trends, migration

College of Environment and Design

Jon Calabria
Landscape design, storm water, ecological restoration

Brian Orland
Environmental perception, participation, decision support, visualization

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Adam Milewski
Hydrogeology, water resources management, geospatial modeling

Marshall Shepherd
Urban weather-climate, precipitation, hazards, satellite remote sensing

Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

Mark Risse
Water resources, coastal management, outreach

Odum School of Ecology

Krista Capps
Aquatic ecology, urban streams, biogeochemistry, coupled natural-human systems

Laurie Fowler
Environmental law and policy, land use planning, environmental justice, citizen participation

Amy Rosemond
Ecosystem ecology, freshwater sustainability, urbanization, nutrients

Seth Wenger
Aquatic ecology, landscape ecology, conservation biology, modeling

College of Public Health

Erin Lipp
Water pollution, microbial ecology, climate change and human health

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Puneet Dwivedi
Economic modeling, life-cycle assessment, social network analysis

Rhett Jackson
Hydrology, urban storm water

Todd Rasmussen
Hydrology, water resources management