Innovation + Discovery

Innovation + Discovery

We know today’s global challenges require seamless collaboration among the academic disciplines, as well as partnerships with industry and government, to advance fundamental discovery and spawn innovations that positively impact people’s lives. That's why our college is built around an innovative organizational framework of Innovation and Discovery Challenge Clusters that promotes interdisciplinary research, education, and service. 

Focus on Research at UGA Engineering

Recent Highlighted Publications

Enhanced antibacterial efficacy of nitric oxide releasing thermoplastic polyurethanes with antifouling hydrophilic topcoats

Priyadarshini Singha, Jitendra Pant, Marcus J. Goudie, Christina D. Workman and Hitesh Handa

Synchronizing stochastic circadian oscillators in single cells of Neurospora crassa

Zhaojie Deng, Sam Arsenault, Cristian Caranica, James Griffith, Taotao Zhu, Ahmad Al-Omari, Heinz-Bernd Schüttler, Jonathan Arnold & Leidong Mao

Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean

Jenna R. Jambeck


Molecular rectifier composed of DNA with high rectification ratio enabled by intercalation

Cunlan Guo, Kun Wang, Elinor Zerah-Harush, Joseph Hamill, Bin Wang, Yonatan Dubi & Bingqian Xu

Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind

John R. Schramski and David K. Gattie