Stephen Secules, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Scientist

Studies equity, diversity & culture in engineering education

Telephone: 706-542-9289


Driftmier Engineering Center 209A
597 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
United States

Dr. Secules is an Assistant Research Scientist and instructor in the Engineering Education Transformation Institute. His research focuses on equity, diversity, and culture in undergraduate engineering education. He has consistently presented at professional conferences related to engineering education, education research, and anthropology of education, chairing sessions and winning best paper awards at multiple conferences. Dr. Secules has forthcoming publications in the Journal of Engineering Education related to his anthropological work on marginalization in undergraduate engineering classes.


Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland, 2017
M.S., Architectural Sciences - Acoustics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2008
B.E., Engineering (concentration in signal processing), Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, 2007
B.A., Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College, 2007

Research Interests

  • Equity, inclusivity, and marginalization in education 
  • Learning sciences, sociocultural learning theory 
  • Ethnography and interaction analysis 
  • Educational culture and interactions in undergraduate engineering education 
  • Intersectionality in diversity support


Curriculum vitae (PDF)

Engineering Education Transformations Institute