Ben Garrett

UGA Engineering Ambassador

Driftmier Engineering Center
597 D. W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
United States

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Dacula, GA

What you love about UGA Engineering: 

It's something that is constantly interesting, and you are always getting to learn new things. The challenge allows one to take pride in it, and you meet such cool people.

Favorite spot in Athens: 

The Hendershot's patio with my wife on a cool, cloudy day with a light drizzle

Advice to yourself as a freshman: 

Make friends! You will always need them in life and engineering school. Homework and tests will always be there, but playing hide and seek on a farm with your friends at midnight doesn't happen every day, so do that instead whenever you can.

Favorite quote: 

"When the cold of winter comes, starless night will cover day. In the vailing of the sun we will walk in bitter rain. But, in dreams, I can hear your name. And, in dreams, we will meet again. When the seas and mountains fall, and we come to end of days ... in the dark I hear a call. Calling me there, I will go there, and back again."   - J.R.R Tolkien