Engineers Week | Daily Engineers Competition | Questioneer: A Trivia Game

February 19, 2019 | 12:00 PM | Driftmier Engineering Center Rm 103

Teams will compete against one another by answering questions about the college of engineering, engineering, mathematics, UGA, pop culture, and sports. 

Competition Rules:

Each student club may select up to 6 students to participate on a team.  There will be a maximum of 1 team per student club.
Questions will be asked with topics of random order. 
Questions will be allocated either 1pt, 2pts. or 5pts based on the difficulty of the question.
The last question will be part of a final Questioneer Round that features a clue.  The question category will be announced.  Teams will make a final wager between 0 points and their entire point total.  The question will be revealed and each team answers the question.  A correct response adds the amount of the team’s wager to their score, while a miss or failure to respond deducts it.
Teams will be ranked according to their score (highest score receives a rank of # = total number of teams participating) to lowest score receives a rank of # = 1).

E-Week Points: Each student club will receive points based on their rank from the competition.  For example, the club with the highest score will receive points equal to the total number of teams participating in the E-Week Competition and clubs thereafter ranked accordingly.  Clubs that do not participate will receive a score of 0.

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