Our Innovations

Our Innovations

2015 Research Patents

Biosynthesis of Caffeic Acid and Caffeic Acid Derivatives by Recombinant Microorganisms
Inventors: Yuheng Lin and Yajun Yan
Utility Patent 9,121,044 

Synthesis and Application of Reactive Antimicrobial Copolymers for Textile Fibers
Inventor: Jason J. Locklin
Utility Patent 8,968,421 

Functional Nanostructured Jelly Rolls with Nanosheet Components
Inventors: Christopher A. Barrett, Kun Yao, Manoj Manjare, Tina T. Salguero and Yiping Zhao
Utility Patent 9,202,606 

Substrate-Selective Co-Fermentation Process
Inventors: Elliot C. Altman and Mark A. Eiteman
Utility Patent 9,212,346

Eu2+-Activated Aluminates Nanobelts, Whiskers and Powders, Methods of Making the Same and Uses Thereof
Inventors: Feng Liu, Xufan Li and Zhengwei Pan
Utility Patent 9,039,933

Torrefaction reduction of coke formation on catalysts used in esterification and cracking of biofuels from pyrolysedlignocellulosic feedstocks
Inventors: Jim Kastner, Sudhagar Mani, Roger Hilten, & K.C. Das
Utility Patent 9,175,235

2014 Research Patents

Virtual surgical systems and methods
Inventors: Suchendra M. Bhandarkar and E. William Tollner
Utility Patent 8,860,753

Production of higher quality bio-oils by in-line esterification of pyrolysis vapor with ethyl alcohol
Inventors: Brian Bibens, Keshav C. Das, Roger N. Hilten, and James R. Kastner
Utility Patent 8,900,416

Biological optimization systems for enhancing photosynthetic efficiency and methods of use
Inventors: Senthil Chinnasamy, Keshav C. Das, Ryan W. Hunt, and Erico Rolim de Mattos
Utility Patent 8,656,636

Microbial production of pyruvate and other metabolites
Inventors: Elliot C. Altman and Mark A. Eiteman
Utility Patent 8,652,825

Biosynthesis of caffeic acid by recombinant microorganisms
Inventors: Yaheng Lin and Yajun Yan
Utility Patent 8,809,028

Synthesis and application reactive antimicrobial copolymers for textile fibers
Inventor: Jason J. Locklin
Utility Patent 8,876,914

Magnetic field-assisted fabrication and manipulations of non-spherical polymer particles in ferrofluid-based droplet microfluidics
​Inventors: Leidong Mao, Jason J. Locklin, Gareth Sheppard and Taotao Zhu
Utility Patent 8,721,936

Near infrared doped phosphors having a zinc, germanium gallate matrix
Inventors: Zhengwei Pan and Yi-Yang Lu
Utility Patent 8,877,096