EETI Principles + Goals

EETI Principles + Goals

Three core principles underpin specific Engineering Education Transformation Institute goals:

Promote the UGA College of Engineering Mission

The institute is strategically positioned to support a number of key areas of the college’s mission. More specifically, EETI will leverage existing efforts to:

  • Expand and promote engineering scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) efforts.
  • Increase extramurally funded engineering education development and research projects.
  • Improve our growing programs and the educational experiences of our students.

Promote People

  • With its integrated and embedded approach, EETI will focus on building capacity and social capital around engineering SOTL. More specifically, the institute will support diverse activities and programs to:
  • Create a community around engineering SOTL in the college and empower engineering faculty to improve and conduct research on their own teaching.
  • Promote a cadre of research active or research engaged lecturers that currently play a key role in the instructional delivery of our programs.
  • Engage graduate students and future faculty in engineering SOTL as a key aspect of their preparation for the professoriate.

Promote Culture

  • Aligned with its mission and goals, EETI will explicitly pursue and foster the following aspects of its collaborative culture. The activities in the institute will be underpinned by:
  • A focus on impact where educational research and development concretely improve educational practice locally and nationally.
  • Collaboration and interdisciplinarity as a mode of operation that purposefully engages all partners in the College of Education and across UGA, and at other institutions.
  • A shared commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusiveness to inform daily operations and underpin work conducted in the institute.