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The Student and the Co-Op*

The Student and the Co-Op*

Selection and participation in UGA’s Engineering Co-op Program is considered an honor, and participating students uphold the highest professional standards as representatives of UGA, the College of Engineering and themselves. Students commit to working in a co-op program full-time for three semesters during their undergraduate tenure. Some students who participate in a co-op can still graduate at the end of four years; however, most choose to extend their studies an additional year to accommodate a co-op. 

To participate in the Co-op Program, students must:

  • maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or greater throughout their undergraduate program
  • complete 30 credit hours in UGA’s engineering curriculum before they start their co-op; however, they can begin the interview process in their first year
  • develop, in advance, a proposed schedule for course work and co-op semesters with their academic advisers through completion of the Co-op Eligibility Form (PDF)
  • register for ENGR 3910 (Co-op Work Experience) each semester that is worked with the co-op partner
  • submit two evaluations completed by their supervisor each semester that is worked with the co-op partner
  • submit a written report for each semester worked, documenting the experience and the lessons learned.  In addition, following the final semester of the co-op, students deliver a presentation about their experience to faculty and fellow students.

*Participation in a co-op provides vital professional experience and is highly recommended. It is not a mandatory requirement of the College of Engineering. 

UGA’s Engineering Co-op Partners

The benefit for participating organizations and firms in a co-op is simple: partners may “test drive” a potential, future employee at a cost-effective rate, while reaping the benefits of the participating student’s UGA College of Engineering classroom experience and newly-gained knowledge. Partners are under no obligation to hire the student after graduation; however, it is hoped that employment will be offered if conditions are warranted.  Studies indicate that students who co-op with a firm and later join on as a full-time employee are much more likely to become productive, long-term employees and expand more rapidly into leadership roles.

The responsibilities of the co-op partner are to:  
➢    provide a meaningful, educational work experience for a future engineer
➢    commit to paying the student a salary
➢    appoint a designated supervisor for the duration of the co-op arrangement
➢    offer feedback to the student mid-experience and at the end of the co-op
➢    provide input to UGA officials annually on the co-op partnership

The list of organizations and firms that participate in UGA’s College of Engineering Co-op Program is constantly evolving with new partners and programs. The list below highlights companies who have participated in the past:

  • Alcon Laboratories
  • Altamont Environmental, Inc.
  • AMF/Baking Technology System, Inc.
  • Athens Research & Technology, Inc.
  • Baldor Electric
  • BMW
  • Carter and Sloope
  • CertainTeed
  • Eaton Corporation
  • EMI
  • Fogg Filler (Michigan)
  • Freudenberg-NOK
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Georgia Power
  • Joe Powell and Assoc.
  • Jordan and Skala
  • Kia
  • Manhattan Associates, Inc
  • Marel Stork
  • Morgan Thermal Ceramics
  • Newcomb and Boyd
  • Noramco
  • Power Partners
  • Roper Corporation
  • Snapping Shoals EMC
  • St. Jude Medical Center
  • Stepan Chemical Company
  • SyncFlo
  • Tensar International Corp
  • Triad Construction LLC