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Advising & Course Requirements

The major professor is frequently associated with the research project providing funding for the assistantship. Students will likely be in contact with the one who will agree to serve as the major professor before or shortly after arriving on campus. The major professor will be responsible for advising students and in chairing the student’s advisory committee.

For students arriving without assistantship or possibly with a teaching assistantship, the Graduate Coordinator will appoint a temporary advisor no later than seven (7) days from the date admission is granted. Responsibilities of the Temporary Advisor include:

  • Consulting with the student in the preparation of a course schedule for the first semester
  • Explaining information related to:
    • Expertise of faculty members and their active research programs.
    • General requirements of the CENGR.
    • General information about the University.
  • Assisting the Graduate Coordinator in the selection and appointment of a Major Professor.
  • Mentoring the student until a Major Professor is selected.

The Major Professor must be a full member of the graduate faculty; however, this is not a requirement for the Temporary Advisor.

Degree timelines and requirements are summarized in Timelines and Requirements.