How to Apply

How to Apply

The College of Engineering program accepts applications from graduates having a bachelors and/or masters degree in engineering, physics, chemistry, biological sciences, mathematics, food science and ecological sciences from recognized U.S. and foreign institutions. Qualified applicants with a degree in non-engineering areas are frequently admitted under the condition that they will satisfactorily complete prescribed undergraduate engineering science courses as a part of their program of study.

Generally, applicants with BS degrees will be admitted as MS degree candidates; however, those with demonstrated research proficiency may be admitted directly into the Biological and Agricultural Engineering PhD program, bypassing the MS degree. The same is true for the PhD-Engineering degree.

Please note the application deadline for engineering programs differs from that of the Graduate School. Because the College prefers for students to begin in the fall semester, complete applications (see the College of Engineering Graduate Student Handbook) must be received by January 31 for the following fall semester. Admissions beginning other semesters may be entertained under special circumstances (e.g., funded projects with non-fall start dates).

Please note that there is an $75.00 domestic application fee / $100 international application fee that must be paid before the Graduate School will process your application.

  1. Go to the Graduate School’s website. From the list of items in the left menu, select ‘Apply to the Graduate School’ under ‘How Do I’ to bring up the on-line application form. Please complete this form. It will contain information on references, transcripts and other items. We need three references and need official copies of transcripts. You will need to request your BS and MS institutions to send transcripts direct to the UGA graduate school. They will then send the material to the department.
  2. Complete the online application for financial assistance which will be sent directly to the department.
  3. Please send an electronic (PDF or MSWord) copy of your resume and statement of purpose directly to

Important information for international applicants:

Competitive applicants should have a TOEFL score (internet based) minimum of 80 with a speaking score of 20 and a writing score of 20. Competitive applicants taking the IELTS exam should be targeting a spoken score of 6.5 or higher.